need guidence

Hondata model coverage & ECU application questions.
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need guidence

Post by Greenfire0702 »

i will be purchasing hondata but im new to this and i know i need it! im running n/a b16a rite now. im buying hondata for future mods im just making my hondata a priority in my motor build before i start buying other parts! so can you guys tell me what the best hondata i can get for either n/a or turbo for a b series motor please

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Re: need guidence

Post by yangeghatch »

Hondata s300 would be good for you if you want to do some tuning in the future. Or if you want to do some street tuning. This new s300 has some anti-theft features that are pretty good.

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Re: need guidence

Post by Spunkster »

The s300 would be best for you.

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