acura rsx type s kpro

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acura rsx type s kpro

Post by slappman »

sry for bad english

i live in sweden ( euro ) and imported a acura rsx type s 2002 year model from US. it have a hondata reflash already but planning on bying a kpro for my car and have some questions..

do i have to use my own ECU from my car or can i put in a used Kpro from another model like civic type r etc?
do i need to do any mods if i can use another Kpro from another model?
can i uppgrade to Kpro when i got reflash in my ECU?

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Re: acura rsx type s kpro

Post by Spunkster »


No need to apologize, it's not your fault, I blame the 80's.

You should use the ECU from the vehcile as it will allow the immobilizer to still function, and you will still be able to read the wideband 02 sensor. As long as we have record of the reflashed ECU then there is a discount for upgrading to K-Pro.
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Re: acura rsx type s kpro

Post by mabo »

There is another point of view for your situation.

Id better buy used kpro ( beware of counterfeit ! ) already installed in ECU, they r usually priced for 850 - 900 usd @ , rsxclub and so on.


no need to wait for turnaround, u r in Sweden, i doubt you have Hondata dealer behind the corner.

spunkster said bout immo option but you can match your immo with new kproed ecu and it will work too.

after your ecu has been kproed you cant reverse it back to stock, its a 1 way ticket, so if you gonna sell your car and

buyer dont wanna pay for extras then you can just put stock ecu back and sell kpro for same money you purchased it.

Cons - i see none )

BTW, rsx is a great car and Kpro is a great thing, K engine its a whole diff story with kpro. There r few online tuners who can tune your car by datalogs.
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