Flashpro Software questions for Hondata

Hondata model coverage & ECU application questions.
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Flashpro Software questions for Hondata

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My questions are this, at this time I still cannot bypass all of my SMOG check items like the second O2, I will give credit to Hondata for the last push they did which now I am able to disable my EGR which was causing alot of tuning issues everytime I tried any major adjustment. I do on a regular email the hondata support email contact and post my requests of things that I need the flash pro to do for the CR-Z since we at Raceline are a premier tuner for that car at the moment. Another item of interest is the autostop feature on the engine's ecu. We need an ability to disable this feature since we are turbocharging these cars the last thing we need is for the car to shut off at a stop light and cook the bearing's oil while it sits there. you can just leave the defrost on and the engine will not shut off, but I much rather have a more functional way to disable this feature. If anyone from Hondata support is reading this I would really appreciate your help in this. Also a couple of other items of functional nature like being able to have the Flash Pro know I am running a larger throttle body like the spoon unit or the J's Racing unit. Also we have 2.25 downpipe, Intake manifold, also another cool item would be able to run the Spoon VTEC elimation cam kit that utilizes their Spoon ECU , and have the flash pro simply acknowledge the fact that the Spoon ECU no longer needs the VTEC change over Map since that system has been elimianated. I know its alot but I thought I would put these systems out for situational awareness.

Thanks for all of your help

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