Whats best for my 97 Accord

Hondata model coverage & ECU application questions.
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Whats best for my 97 Accord

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So this- to me at least- is a bit tricky. I could find products for the f22's by Hondata but nothing specifically for the 97 accord. Its OBD2 unlike the others of its generation and although I could get a chipped OBD1 ECU. I'm looking for ways I could keep the OBD2. Just because its easier to monitor the car.

My mods are just a performance exhaust, 421 Header and CAI. Also soon to be an f23 intake manifold swap. With the exhaust I lost some low end torque. So the big thing here is getting an ECU or my stock ECU to behave to its max potential with these mods.

Any ideas on products?
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Re: Whats best for my 97 Accord

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You cannot use an OBD2 ECU.

To use a Hondata system, you will need to use a compatible OBD1 ecu from the list at http://www.hondata.com/ecus.html. You can then use the Hondata s100 or s300 depending on what options you want (http://www.hondata.com/sproducts.html). I would recommend the s300.
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