P28 ECU Layout/schematics (NOT WIRING DIAGRAM)

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P28 ECU Layout/schematics (NOT WIRING DIAGRAM)

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I am helping a friend boost a 2001 Honda Prelude sh. He bought a P28 ECU from swapshopmotors.com and is going to be running the s300hondata on it. We took the ECU apart today and found that a transistor was burnt up on it verybadly cracked and the case is burnt on the opposite side where it went up. We called swapshopmotors and the said that all there ecu's are tested before the ship them and that the transistor will not effect anything.

I went to school for computer electronics and know that if something burns up on a ecu it is not going to work correctly. (Don't really think you even need a high school education to know that) But any way I was wondering if any one knows where or has the Ecu Layout/schematics for the P28 so I can identify the Transistor that has burnt up.

Does anyone know if the s300 some how might by-pass this transistor or not even need it. TRANSISTOR IS LOCATED IN SOCKET Q31 anyone know what it is?

Please help
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You could just replace the transistor to save yourself more trouble.
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Q31 is for purge solenoid control, it is a fairly common D1780 transistor.
Usually happens when the IAT and purge are connected the wrong way around.
If this was the case, your IAT is probably damaged aswell.
Double check solenoid and associated wiring, if fitted, to be sure.
Does your P28 have a 11F0 board?