aem uego and k pro

K-Series Programmable ECU installation questions / support issues
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aem uego and k pro

Post by gdpballin »

i have the aem uego wired into my ecu via eld input....this is for my s2000.

not familiar with k pro and what settings should be ran for the wideband. does it still run closed loop? i havent touched anything in k pro its self, and have been researching and have come up with nothing.

help would be appreciated.

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Post by Spunkster »

I do not believe the AEM can output a wideband and narroband signal at the same time, so you will still need to use the stock narrowband o2 sensor to run in closed loop.

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Post by Conquistadore »

Although you have AEM UEGO Wideband, your ECU needs to read from your stock O2 sensor. There may be more than one port for O2 sensors before cat. One for the stock and one for the wideband.

The wideband input from the ELD is for tuning purposes only and has nothing to do with the open / closed loop setting.

You should place the ECU in open loop when tuning and place it back to closed loop after tuning. You may check Parameters > Closed Loop to see your current setting.

Hope this helps...
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Post by gdpballin »

ahhhhhh i understand.


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Re: aem uego and k pro

Post by tonyteam »

so for example in my ep3 euro kpro manage always the stock lambda, but i can use the wideband only for do a datalog and fine my KAL , right?

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Re: aem uego and k pro

Post by Arno »

Correct. Wideband is for datalogging/tuning only.

Only with the new V4 K-pro can you use an external wideband with a controller for closed-loop running as well.

Bye, Arno.

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