Kmanager: Experience and Notes From Usage Under Mac OSX.

K-Series Programmable ECU installation questions / support issues
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Kmanager: Experience and Notes From Usage Under Mac OSX.

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I have successfully been using Kmanager in OSX under Vmware Fusion. I imagine you can do this under boot camp, but I "use use" this laptop, so I am not going to be bothered by rebooting to a windows install -- hence the decision to purchase Fusion. I also have other windows only programs that are needed to calibrate other external electronic devices such as electronic speed controls on R/C cars and OBD2 programs for full sized cars, so Kmanager isn't the only one.

  • Under fusion, USB connectivity issues such as having a low quality cable presents itself as KManager lockup up until the USB cable is unplugged. At that point, KManager responds and detects the ecu is disconnected. Note that windows does not lock up during this. Switching cables fixed the issue for me.
  • You will have to play with your key preferences and disable ctl-click being secondary click if you want to be able to select multiple rows/columns at a time.
  • Don't trust fusion when you have usb mass storage (sticks/disks) plugged in -- after using fusion and trusting its usb *shim*, I found my external drive corrupt. I have no proof, but I highly suspect a bug in fusion, so I have been specifically unplugging all usb devices and keeping them unplugged besides the ones I want to use in fusion, while using fusion.
  • In order to hit f4, f9, or f10 (any function key), you must hit fn in addition to the Fkey you want. You can disable this in system preferences, but then things like the volume quick keys won't work without using the fn key.
That's really it. Other than the before mentioned things to remember, there's nothing special and it works fine.

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Great info. I've had good success with Parallals and Win7 on my Mac. The only thing I haven't figured out how to do is zoom in a datalog in the graph window since there's no right click+drag on the Mac. Everything else works as advertised.
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