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Pre-defined calibrations need updating/cleaning?

Posted: Wed Mar 05, 2014 3:00 am
by Arno
While browsing some of the pre-defined K20A/K20A2 JDM/EU/USA calibrations in the KManager 3.3.0 download package and comparing them to the actual calibration stored on my computer from my car (EU K20A2, Kmanager 3.3.0) I noticed that they have developed quite some differences. A lot of new features have been added over the course of time to the .kal files and this is visible in the data whenever you save a calibration but is missing in the pre-defined ones.

The pre-defined calibrations included in the KManager package are from, what looks to be, very old (ancient?) Kmanager versions, never updated, and are lacking a lot of tables and variables that the later versions do use/expose. I understand that the KManager software has built-in defaults for these 'missing' values so they get added/merged when you load a pre-defined calibration or a (much) older calibration from your car.

However.. Some of the templated/generated information is more than just basic/simple variables, which surprised me a bit.

The later KManager versions for instance also add complete tables for the high and low speed knock handling, knock sensitivity, etc. etc. The (to me at least) curious bit is that these extra tables seem to come from a single standard built-in template in the KManager executable and does not seem to vary between ECU/engine types.

This makes me wonder how accurate/correct for instance the generated or templated 'knock sensitivity' table in KManager really is for most engines or engine configurations..

Are these templated tables thought to be 'good enough' for all more-or-less stock engine purposes or should there really be differing tables for the differing engine configurations? (biggest difference probably between the JDM K20A and the EU/USA K20A2)

In any case: is perhaps an update for the pre-defined calibrations shipped with the KManager installation package in order so they are in sync with the type of .kal file that the KManager executable in the package expects and creates?

Just curious ;)

Oh yeah.. I know I'm not supposed to work with the .kal files directly, but I'm a geek who like to know how stuff works :D

Bye, Arno.

Re: Pre-defined calibrations need updating/cleaning?

Posted: Wed Mar 05, 2014 7:40 am
by Hondata
Values not set in the calibration default to pre-defined values. For tables/parameters we've added, often the default is disabled/off. For factory tables/parameters we use the stock values. There is little variance from the factory between Japan/Euro/US for the secondary tables.

Re: Pre-defined calibrations need updating/cleaning?

Posted: Wed Mar 05, 2014 11:45 pm
by Arno
Thanks! That clears it up.

Oh.. BTW.. Seems there's a small boo-boo in the pre-defined k20z1-rsx-2006.kal file:

Description=2006 K20Z RSX with cold air intake - dyno tuned

Last 2 lines seem a little at odds with eachother ;)

At least in this order they don't do harm, but might be an idea to clean it up..

Bye, Arno.