PRA & Baro correction

K-Series Programmable ECU installation questions / support issues
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PRA & Baro correction

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I see PRA ECUs have built in baro but there is no such option to define how trims are applied based on baro sensor. I guess we use the stock HOnda logic. Can you please elaborate on how the ECU reacts to various BARO values? We have a race car, running frequently on high altitude and tune is not consistent.
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Re: PRA & Baro correction

Post by Hondata »

The changes are:
- Starting fuel
- Closed loop operation
- EVAP & tank pressure testing
- DECEL fuel cut
There's not really much that affects how the engine runs.

For inconsistent running I could log the injector duration and lambda under the same conditions (temperature, load etc). If the injector duration is the same but the lambda different then either the fuel system or lambda is the problem. If the injector duration is different then a sensor value will also be different, and this is the cause of the inconsistency.
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