Car wont Start, need help and advice

K-Series Programmable ECU installation questions / support issues
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Car wont Start, need help and advice

Post by Malkolm666 » Thu Mar 22, 2018 11:10 am

I dont think there is any problem with the kpro or ecu. Problem is that car wont start.
Car is EDM Civic Type R EP3.
This is what I have done this winter: rebuild engine, changed tranny, changed TB from a EDM CRV(TPS has a different angle then on k20a2) changed engine harness from a EDM CRV that I make some changes to, all the connectors to the ecu was cut both on the engine harness and in car, so I had to put new connectors A, B, E and C101 and solder all the wires.

I use the stock calibration for PRA-civictypeR. (I have also used the stock PRA ecu and car still wont start)

I put a towel in front of the injectors and got 4 wet dots (cranked it for 3seconds.)
have tried with engine starter spray
It sounds normal when cranking (I put a new chain and tensioner on, I dont think it jumped, maybe should check it again)
Crank-sensor signal seems fine

I've built alot of cars, builing and customize the wiring all the time on swapped cars. But this time it tastes really sour! :)

One thing is kinda weird, the Map-signal is kinda crazy, it says 0,00bar with ignition on, when cranking it says 1.01bar, when I stop cranking it still says 1.01bar as long as ignition is ON. turn off-turn on and its back at 0,00bar. and it keeps on doing that. Everytime I crank it hits 1.01bar or sometimes 1.77bar (MAX value for the stock sensor).

Ive tried 3 MAP-sensor that I know is working.

I use the k20a4 TB and TPS with the stock Harness for that TPS. In my datalog you can see me playing with the acceleratorpedal. The signal looks perfect (Ive read that many people change the outer wires on TPS-connector...)
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Re: Car wont Start, need help and advice

Post by Spunkster » Thu Mar 22, 2018 3:11 pm

Try the ECU on a known working vehicle to make sure it is working ok. If it is then you will have to go through everything you have done and narrow down where the problem is.

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Re: Car wont Start, need help and advice

Post by Malkolm666 » Fri Mar 23, 2018 7:31 pm

Found it!

When all the connectors to the ecu was cut(previous owner) there was 2pair of wires that had the same colors. 2 was YELLOW and the other 2 was BLACK/WHITE.

The yellows was to reverselightsensor and to multiplexor. If you switch them wrong you only get an errorcode on the Multiplexor. No worries about that.

The black/white was the ones that I had by mistake (50/50 chance) put wrong. One goes from SO2heater-E6, the other one goes to C101 pinout 11. Have no idea where that goes. Cant find any info/WSM/google on that one.

Now it starts! Everything works except SO2heater circuit P0141. Im gonna try a different O2-sensor that I know is fine.

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