Please help with calibration.

K-Series Programmable ECU installation questions / support issues
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Please help with calibration.

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Hello !
I'm new here, so please let me introduce myself - I'm Bartas and I live in Poland. I drive Civic EP3 2002 r.

I've ran into issues though. I have K-Pro which was calibrated by some tuner, at the time previous owner posessed this car.

It ran smoothly for like 3-months, when problems occured. Car won't throttle smoothly - like TPS was broken; idle rpms would go from 1k-2k all the time, or stay at 3k etc.

When I replaced to serial ECU - no problems. Only throttle problem but only from time to time. I mean, when I throttle 10-20% it would cut off randomly, but when i do full throttle it works normally.

My question is - is there a chance, that any of you could take a look at my calibrations (Ive got both just downloaded from my car and the one provided on CD when I bought my Honda) and see if there is any bug that cause these problems?

And, having KManager, is there a way to take a car for a spin and record how TPS perform then download this data and see if its TPS fault or not?

I know you can't tune my car over the internet but maybe there is obvious issue that could be easily overcome, if someone who knows what he's doing would look at these maps?

Thank you!
- Bartas

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