Aem 30-4900 in kpro

K-Series Programmable ECU installation questions / support issues
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Aem 30-4900 in kpro

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So I'm running the 4900 gauge from aem. It's an afr/boost gauge failsafe. This is NOT in kpro in the drop down options in the closed loop tab. I'm having issues w/kpro reading a different afr then what the gauge is showing. I selected the 4100 option in the drop down bc that's an older bosch style gauge as well... I need help as to what needs to be done so kpro is reading identically to my gauge.thanks
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Re: Aem 30-4900 in kpro

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You need to compare the voltage conversion info from AEM for both gauges and see if they are the same. It sounds like they are different. AEM has a habit of everyone of their gauges being slightly different than the rest.
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