Kmanager showing ignition on

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Kmanager showing ignition on

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So I have a weird issue, My Kmanager (version w/Kpro V4 will show "ignition on" and "online" once I plug the USB cable in even when the ignition is off and key out. I have no problems starting the car. Previously it would say "ignition off" until I turn on the ignition. I tried to load a map without the ignition physically being on/key in and it failed (even though it says "online" and "ignition on"). However when I physically turn the ignition on (still shows "online" and "ignition on") I can load a map no issues.

This comes up because I'm trying to diagnose a battery drain issue (takes bout 2-3days to drain) that just showed up and I noticed this on Kmanager (previously it didn't show "ignition on" when ignition was physically off). The bluetooth is active, using a samsung tablet, and not sure if this is the battery drain curplit. However the tablet can't connect until I physically turn "ignition on".

This is a Kswap car, k24a2 in an MR2.

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Re: Kmanager showing ignition on

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Either something is damaged or the ECU is powered up the whole time.

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