Multiple PLX sensors

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Multiple PLX sensors

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I am having IAT incorrect readings.
Currently all 4 PLX MODULES connected as follows,
have 4 plx modules connected to Hondata ecu.

1 PLX lamda module sending signal to ecu via analogue, and also sending power and signal to DM6 gauge 

1 PLX water temp module sending 2 signals to ecu via digital

2 air temp modules sending 2 signals to ecu via 2 analogue signals 

All 4 modules getting 12v ignition collectively 

All 4 modules getting earth directly from ecu collectively 

Problem as follows,

Lambda reading 100%

Water temp reading 100%

2 air temps under reading by around 50 percent. Hondata software has calibration settings to adjust it, but when using the plx preset values in the software , it is said in the software that adjusting and values means there is a ground problem.

So I've been trying to remedy the ground issue.

I am collectively grounding to E4 SG3.
Your site says to ground it there for all air temp sensors. But should I exclude other sensors from this batch?
And your help menus says the 2 black analogue wires are ground. But doesnt say its input or output grounds. Can I use it to ground at least the 2 air temps? Maybe separating my air temps from everything else will fix this?

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