Need advice from Hondata or installers

K-Series Programmable ECU installation questions / support issues
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Need advice from Hondata or installers

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We've got PRC ECU of customer, but we are not sure about condition of ECU, it was taken from damaged car and there was no possibility to test it before installation.

I've set up K-Pro and tried to ERASE. Erasing is OK.
Try to UPLOAD after. Uploading went but TOO FAST, maybe couple of seconds.
MIL lights permanetly, engine works but not properly.

Damaged ECU or socketing?
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Close Kmanager, then reopen it. Go to Online Tools and clear security. When it has finished go to File, NEw and create a new calibratoin. Upload the new calibration. It should take about 1-2 minutes to upload.

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A note to all hondata users.

I have been their dealer for more than five years and I have yet to experience problems that were never solved usually there are setting problems in my laptop but it always get solved.

With the Kpro. Hondata is very careful to check the ECU first on their test bench before proceeding with any modfications in the ECU. I've received all my KPRO ECUs in good working order. There were problems encountered but it was usually either a bad grounding or battery going dead.

You can't upload calibrations with a battery with less than 12volts. Get a new one.

My point is there could be other problems but the least problem is HONDATA KPRO.
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