Determining proper ignition / starting ignition map

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Determining proper ignition / starting ignition map

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When building a motor with custom internals -- for instance, one with higher compression pistons, lower compression pistons, significantly more aggressive cams, or perhaps destroked (in the case of a k24 -> 2.2 liter setup), how do you determine the best place to start for an overall ignition map? I'm talking more about the columns under 80kpa. Finding the full load ignition is easy enough, but how can one be sure they're picking the best starting point otherwise?

Is there some general method to take a close base map, start it up, observe some behavior, and make some intelligent determination about what the partial throttle ignition maps should be in relation to the motor closest to what you've created?

I don't actually have to do this, but I've always wondered how it is done, or what is best method to that madness.

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You could always set the timing under 80kpa to say, 16 degrees, and then use a dyno with steady state loading and a vacuum gauge to build a decent timing map..
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