Need advice with Toda A3 cams

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Need advice with Toda A3 cams

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This is the story below about our unsuccesful installation of A3 cams to EP3. It was our second experience with A3 cams, first time we had not any problems.

Have been set up at one time:
A3 cams
Toda springs
Toda tensioner
ECU - Hondata K-Pro

Right now after start the engine we've found that idle is erratic after 70-80 C temperature. We tried to rise valve clearance to 0.30 ( it was 0.20-0.25 as stock at first) - result the same - erratic idle.

Next step. Tuning of low cams. No problems on 0,10,... 50 degrees of intake cam.

Next step. Tuning of high cams. Everything is Ok with 50 deg map.
40 deg map - looks like a cut on 7500-8000 rpm
30 deg map - same cut but ealier, on 6500 rpm
20 deg map - cut right after vtec activation.
Fuel duty cycle is OK.

We checked and rechecked cam's position, they are OK, we are absolutely sure here. We've tried even to move the intake cam in advance for one tooth - result was MIL P0341 as was expected.

After couple of days we've set up stock cams back - nice idle and nice performance on all ranges.

Please advise us where was our mistake and way to go further.
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Post by Spunkster »

You will need to post datalogs and calibrations showing the problem.