frist time with the k-pro...

K-Series Programmable ECU installation questions / support issues
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frist time with the k-pro...

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it was my first time on the k-pro, dyno 200+ hp in the first hour and the customer was very happy with this. started with hondata's dyno tuned base map, that made 189hp. stock ecu was at 179hp stock k20a type R.

i am very used to the romeditor and the new s-manager, so i really was looking for some of those features. most noted was updating map. i really love real time updating. i also missed sensor overlaying. i was still able to do everything with the graphs, but being able to use the tables would have been sweet.

it may be that i have been "spoiled" by the smanager and romeditor. i hope you guys can add more features found in those two apps into the k-pro. but i am very happy with it. and looking to make more power.