help with rsx turbo

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help with rsx turbo

Post by macch92 »

Hi guys,

i need some help with a map for my car.
i got an rsx with k20a3, but i change the head.
this is the list of the parts that i have:
-rsx type s, PRB head
-arias forged pistons, C.R 9.1:1
-gt30 Garrett turbo
-turbonetics wastegate
-hks blow off
-550 fuel injectors
-255lph walbro fuel pump
-front ic

i'm actually using one of the precharged maps on the hondata... but it's not working.
the engine turn off every time that the car stops.

thank you very much,

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Re: help with rsx turbo

Post by keto06 »

post the map youre using
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Re: help with rsx turbo

Post by tkane4389 »

keto06 wrote:post the map youre using
Im helping him out. His primary o2 was bad and he had a daughterboard communication error. He hasnt transferred the ground from the injector harness to the valve cover bolt like kpro recommends to so im hoping that was the issue. I made him a basemap to begin tuning with, just waiting on his response.

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