CIVIC CTR EU K20A2 good map for CAI/catback ?

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CIVIC CTR EU K20A2 good map for CAI/catback ?

Post by TAOTAO »

Hi All,

The KPRO is on the way to me (-:

car is pretty stock the mod are below:

K&N air intake
Invidia N1 cat back
performance downpipe (Unknown brand)
Competition flywheel

In the near future I will also install full headers, I attached dyno that I did with stock ECU and the mods above.

I look on the Kmanager and see 2 setup that relevant for me are "basic" and "dyno", the difference I saw is on the VTEC in the dyno map is 5200 instead of 5800.

So what you suggest ? There is any better start map for my setup ?

Thanks ahead.
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Re: CIVIC CTR EU K20A2 good map for CAI/catback ?

Post by phoenix5 »

Its what im using and its been working since I got my kpro. Very similar mods. Every car is different and I honestly know next to nothing about tuning but my engine hasnt exploded yet. And I go full throttle and go redline fairly often. I really dont think I have much to complain about as far as mid and top end thanks to vtec, im trying to figure out and work through some issues with some strange noises and knock counts at low rpm. She is my daily driver, I drive probably around 90 miles a day.
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