Can anybody look at my Cal??

K-Series Programmable ECU Calibration updates / downloads
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Can anybody look at my Cal??

Post by streetek »

stock injectors and map
r crew fuel rail ktuned fpr
rbc ported to 74mm with matching s90 tb
iacv disabled

car seems to stumble bad under light load. idles at 1500 rpms. thought the tb was sticking as i can get it to idle back down to 1000 if i bump the gas however wont idle down if i try to force the tb shut so i'm thinking its because of the iacv delete. attached datalog under normal driving and wot. appreciate all the help in advance.
cruising 92314.kdl
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4th gear 92314.kdl
4th gear pull wot
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Re: Can anybody look at my Cal??

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a brief connection to the internet is bad and slow, can't down load your files except the calib.
  • rearrange the IACV, as it controlls the air flow when TB is closed for idling.
  • set CAM angle low speed in the first two coloums to zero, no overlap for lower rest gas content!!!
  • retard ignition in the aera of ideling: up to 300 kPa and 1500 rpm...never set up for MBT in ideling area, because the ECU can't use torque change to control idle speed!
Your calib shows big potential for optimization! Your hardware also, your injectors are nearly outmaxed...92 %, think of cooling, think of mixture homogenity...
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Re: Can anybody look at my Cal??

Post by keto06 »

I agree with almost everything ^ The kal you posted appears to be for a k20a2 as well, not a z1. Needs a lot of work.

Injectors should be fine for now, but you dont want to keep it that way long term.

First thing you need to fix your o2 being disabled.

Uploaded a new kal with a few changes. Gimme another log. Idle problems are likely due to delete.

Also stock header/exhaust? Thats a lot of flow in without fixing the out.
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