SManager for Android

s300 and SManager software questions & answers
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SManager for Android

Post by Luke »

Since the iPad is on the market, other companies didn't sleep to long and now there will come some tablets, for example from toshiba or samsung, based on Adroid.

A good thing is, that those tablet have, other than the iPad, an USB port, where you can attache usb sticks or, that is why I'm writing it here, the S300.

With about 7hours of battery life it's quite enough for tuning and would be a opportunity for the use of laptops.

if there were some buttons added to SManager (Fuel +/- 1%, Adding/retarding ignition for example) the use of the touchscreen would be possible.
Some other features like sending the configuration directly from SManager via email would be also great.

what do you think? good idea? bad idea?

best regards Luke
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Post by Spunkster »

There are no plans for these types of applications.
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Post by crucian »

Spunkster wrote:There are no plans for these types of applications.
Sounds like a good idea to me though.
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Post by turbo-2nr »

^they prob will for k pro but they dont care about us old school guys LOL
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Re: SManager for Android

Post by rafael_vti »

There is a app available for that:
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