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Quick Spool

Post by SlowTeggy »

I have a few questions about quick spool on s300. I am aware of how to set it up, just wanted some opinions and knowledge.

-is it harmful to the turbo/wastegate(s)/boost solenoid

-is the spool that much faster (already have twin-scroll 6265)

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Re: Quick Spool

Post by Spunkster »

No, it should not hurt it in any way.

Yes it will help it spool quicker.

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Re: Quick Spool

Post by dpetro1 »

many ebc's have this setting. my greddy profec b2 had something called "start boost". basically the boost controller can hold the wastegate closed longer to build boost. be careful not to set the quick spool too high as it may cause a spike while the wg tries to catch up

the only other thing that may be of concern is that the tune could be touched up. my thinking is that quick spool will put you in a higher boost column at lower RPM so you may need to fatten up the fuel in those cells? probably negligable...

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