Datalogging extra sensors

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Datalogging extra sensors

Post by wiggum80 »

I was looking at purchasing a few extra sensors for a car I'm working on and was wondering the best way to go about setting them up to datalog in the S300.
-Fuel pressure and Oil pressure (both will use AEM 0-150 psi pressure sensors)
-Rear wheel speed (will use the xenocron rear wheel speed sensor kit) I want to leave the existing speed sensor in the trans to monitor front wheel speed at the same time.
-Individual Cylinder Exhaust temp (will use the AEM 4 EGT kit)

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Re: Datalogging extra sensors

Post by 1158 »

If you have V2 or V3 I can tell you Fuel/Oil pressure and EGT are easy. Just use the 8 analog inputs. I can step you through how I did it if you want when I get a chance. Has been a while since I did it so I can't give steps from memory.


I have no experience with the wheel speed.

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Re: Datalogging extra sensors

Post by blacksir2000 »

im trying to do the same thing can you please help me step by step with turning them on throught hondata smanager
and also from the aem 4 egt probe kit am i only using the 4 0-5volt wires coming out of the aem box

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