Post Start Fuel Adjustment

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Post Start Fuel Adjustment

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Post Start Fuel Adjustment "PSFA" (from the help file) - alters the amount of fuel added immediately after starting the engine. This extra post start fuel is normally slowly reduced to no extra fuel over the period of 10-30 seconds. Changing the post start fuel adjustment will alter the amount of fuel and also the enrichment time period

Question (for Hondata/Doug?)

If we increase the PSFA from 0% to 5%, how much would the PS decay (11264/640/128) steps need to be increased to maintain the same enrichment period. Is there any data on this?

Can you provide some data on the fuel PS enrichment % at 30C for reference?
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Re: Post Start Fuel Adjustment

Post by Hondata »

Sorry, we don't have information to that degree of detail. You'll have to try it out to see what the effects are. Normally there's no need to change even the percentage change of fuel after the start.
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