B20V Turbo Running Very Rich

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B20V Turbo Running Very Rich

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Set Up:
Stock B20B block
Gsr Head with Head Package Stock Cams
1000cc Bosch Injectors
70mm VMS TB
4Bar Map Sensor
Aftermarket Fuel Pressure Regulator
450 Walbro Pump
Hondata CPR Kit
66mm Ebay Turbo

Just about 2 months ago I got the car tuned, everything ran fine for a little until I started blowing ignition coils. I decided to upgrade to a CPR Kit but after the upgrade my car has been running extremely rich overall. Contacted my tuner and no help at all, he said my calibration looks good. I was told i didn't have to re tune after the upgrade with the CPR but now i have this issue. Check Engine light turned on for Fuel Composition Error (P0169). Did some datalogging yesterday for someone to check it out.
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Re: B20V Turbo Running Very Rich

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I assume you have a flex fuel sensor on it? If so check wiring and or try another sensor.

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Re: B20V Turbo Running Very Rich

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Without the calibration it is hard to see what is going on behind the scenes.

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