S300 v3 and Aem uego

s300 and SManager software questions & answers
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S300 v3 and Aem uego

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Hi hopefully I’ve posted this in the right section

So I’ve finally installed my s300v3 p28 I’ve had my wideband running for a few months and it’s been reading correctly but as soon as I swapped from my stock p28 into the Hondata p28 the readings on the gauge itself have gone well out of spec

I later pinned it’s white 0-5 volt wire into d14 and on the live data it’s showing a afr of 18 but the gauge itself is reading 11, if I return the stock ecu back into the car it returns a reading of 15 on the gauge, I’ve tapped the power and the earth for the wideband off the ecu’s power and earth for reference

I’ve spend about 4 hours looking for answers but not found much of any use so I was wondering if anyone else has had a similar issue?
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Re: S300 v3 and Aem uego

Post by tolyan »

datalog write and download here
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Re: S300 v3 and Aem uego

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What AEM wideband?
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Re: S300 v3 and Aem uego

Post by skaterguy1986 »

Need to know where you've placed the power and ground wires as well as probably posting the calibration since some of the settings are likely not right.
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