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Idle afr

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Why is it that while the car is warmed up to operating temp, while data logging in real time, I set the idle and get it to 14.7 and it will be fine. I make sure I save and even hit the upload button a couple of times just to be sure. But the next day I’ll come out and start her up and when she’s warm, it’ll be rich as I never touched it. Not sure if I’m doing something wrong or what, but it’s annoying to constantly have to mess with the idle af every time I go and drive it seems.

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Re: Idle afr

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What is the serial number that is on the s300 board inside the ECU?

From Help, About, what is the version of software you are using?

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Re: Idle afr

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mine is the same , its perfect when warm but when its cols i reads 10-12 , even when its warm first start up untill 1 min reads very lean like 17 - 18 but when i give it gas its going ok , i used closed loop and its better now , but when im in open loop its like that

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