bogging down between quick gears change

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bogging down between quick gears change

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Hello , i'm experiencing what it feel like injection delay during quick gears change. We tried adjusting the throttle tip in setting which greatly helped but it's still not picking up as good as it should in lower gears. As far as reading graphs, i can tell there is something weird happening with the injection duration dropping down and spiking back up then settle where it should be picking up. the logged graph show second gear to third with lots of delay then third to fourth gear less worst but still has driving delay . I'm not super tuning inclined but i understand lots and like to point out my tuner in the right direction.

some specs:
d16z6 block/y8 head
hondata s300 p28 ecu (dont know what version)
bisimoto 1000cc injector
bisimoto level 3.6 camshaft
skunk2 pro intake manifold / stock throttle body
gt3582r / 27 psi tune
water meth injection 50/50
2nd gear to 3rd gear bug---3rd to 4th gear slight bug.s3d
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Re: bogging down between quick gears change

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Have you discussed this with the tuner or had them look at it?

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Re: bogging down between quick gears change

Post by Mtech869 »

Hi good day I’m having the same issues! Here’s my set up D16a6 block supertech block guard, srp 9.5:1 pistons, eagle rods, comp 59300 cam, vms cam gear, Bryan crower springs and retainers,gt3582 .63a/r rear housing

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