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A few comments/questions

Posted: Tue Aug 02, 2005 8:35 am
by seen4ever
I believe the duty cycle calculator is incorrectly working. Noticed that when i imported my current map into the software the duty cycle dropped by 50%.

2. Is there a way to bring back the old fuel multiplier? I liked how we could see what the actually fuel multiplier was and adjust for changes in engine displacement.

3. on teh fuel compensation options, for cold start and such, in the s200 we had the std options of 1 for tip in and such, do we need to adjust these values away form 0%? or is the tip in adjustment built in?

4. For adjusting desired A/F ratio, is there a way to get the option to enrichen different RPM points as well as load points? IE i like to run 7k+ a little richer than the other rpm bands.