Base map for CR/VTEC EG Swap

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There's a saying that goes something like "A little knowledge can be dangerous" or something similiar. Please understand that being impatient can cause you a world of headaches down the road, as you may end up needing to do some work to the motor to correct any damage you may make by not really knowing what you are doing. With that said, with the car running and the ecu connected, look at the low cam fuel maps. See where it is current running, highlight that area, hit control J, remove about 5% fuel, check air/fuel ratio, continue until you get to your desired point, or the car dies, whichever comes first. It would be better to adjust the main multiplier, but that takes more steps to explain. :) If the car dies, wait for an experienced tuner to arrive to fix your dilemma.
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Irrelivent I was fixing all the little things that went wrong and more things went wrong like had to swap out the t-mount that I was told to buy that didn't fit for the right one, we basically fabbed up a t-mount and yadayada, now waiting on shift linkage and shit it accidentally got bent, the thing probably won't run for awhile longer anyway but the guy who built my engine is going to tune it for me since he's got mad skills. :P