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OH YEAH 58,000 RPMS @ 386psi

Posted: Tue Oct 18, 2005 6:31 pm
by gforceinteg
John Force Eat your heart out. Im so frustrated right now. My datalogs are showing up pretty good numbers. How am I to trust any other logged information with these kind of recordings?

Posted: Tue Oct 18, 2005 7:04 pm
by turbo95lude
I am posting a log of this, at 5.26.065 it shows 15378rpm, 892psi boost. Can anyone explain why the unit would do this, also, the time we saw 58k rpm, the red light on the ecu was solid red, and we had to reset smanager and the car itself. Another issue we are having is we keep adding fuel to the map over 5k and the wideband reading doesnt change. we even added 20% fuel and still nothing, the bin was tuned professionally by jeff evans. All we did was upgrade the s200 to the s300.
log is downloadable from here

Posted: Wed Oct 19, 2005 9:23 am
by Spunkster
Please post the calibration...also what version of Smanager are you using. Make sure you have uploaded the calibration using the version you are currently using to datalog.