Anyone Running E85 Fuel?

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Anyone Running E85 Fuel?

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Just curious if any users in here are using E-85 Fuel. We got 3 gas stations that got E-85 this past week and its only $1.50 a gallon. Some people are saying its compariable to 106 Octance fuel.

if you have any experiences with it or have more information on it post it up.
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Post by Hondata »

There is a lot of promotion of oxygenated fuel from the corn growers. Yes, the octane rating of ethanol is high, making it suitable for forced induction, but there are some serious downsides. It may be $1.50 per gallon but remember that the stoichiometric ratio for ethanol is almost half that of gasoline, so you end using about 30% more E85 than gasoline, so the price is more like $2.00 per gallon eqivilent. Likewise your injectors will have to be 30% bigger. From racing experience methanol and to a lesser extent ethanol both contaminate the oil very quickly - you get a huge amount of water forming in the oil after a couple of passes, and must change the oil every day. Methanol destroys everything but stainless steel and corrodes the upper cylinder badly. Ethanol is better than methanol for corrosion, but still attacks metal, plastic, rubber, fibreglass, filter elements etc. In any case, the car is not designed for ethanol and you'd be risking damaging it.