Datalogging Issues

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Datalogging Issues

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First, let me say that I just upgraded my s200 system to the s300 system and it worked perfectly and flawlessly the first time I started it. I didn't need to change any parameters from my s200 map to make it work with the s300.

I am having a small issue with datalogging, though. It records datalogs with no problems, both with onboard datalogging and with laptop-connected datalogging. My problem is viewing the datalogs. I can't find anywhere in SManager a way to "Play" the datalog while my maps are loaded. I remember in the old ROM Editor you could load a datalog, hit the play button, and watch as it shows the map values in real time. Is there no way to do this with SManager?

Also, I tried to export the datalog and got a CSV file that contained the column headers for many of the common items, but only datalogged frame, time, rpm, speed and map. The columns clv, tps, camangle, etc were all blank all the way down the recorded data.

So then I figured I would try to export the movie. The datalog in the CSV file shows that there's 11 minutes of data, but if I try to export to a movie any timeframe over 3 minutes, it gives me a TProgressBar out of range error. I'm trying to do this without using any video compression codecs.

I was able to get 15 seconds of data exported to a video file that would play. It shows a totally blue screen with text at the bottom displaying ECT, IAT, rpm, mph and which gear I'm in. Is this what it's supposed to display? No graph output or any other sensors?

So basically my questions are:

Is there a way to play data in SManager with a "play" button or some sort of function like a play button?

Is there somewhere I can set the CSV export to export all of the data and not just the first few columns?

Is the error trying to export over 3 minutes of datalogged data a known error or another problem?

Can I configure the movie export to display graphs or any other information besides what it is already displaying?

I'm currently running Smanager 1.1.2

Sorry for having so many questions. I figured I would just get it all out and see if anyone had any answers :D
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Post by Spunkster »

There is no play. To view the playback, you must drag the little line across the graphs. As for the movie export option, that is if you have a video of racing or a run and want to overlay the datalogging information using a program such as Adobe Premiere. Go to Help, Contents then Search for "export", this should make things a little more clear.