Injector size, global adjustment?

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Injector size, global adjustment?

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Just about to try out my new S-300, i have a d16z6 with a jrsc installed. 6 lb pulley. I'm using the factory honda map sensor. I have 310 cc injectors installed currently. If i go to fuel trim and adjust the injector size, nothing else changes in the map or any where else in the program i'm working on, is this normal? I also read a thread in the archives about highlighting the entire map and making a global adjustment by a calculated amount, essentially compensating for the larger injectors, but when this is done, all the data in the tables changes as well. What is the best way to do this?
Thanks, all help is appreciated by this noob to hondata, hopefully after a while i'll be able to answer some of the other noob's questions giving back what help has been given to me.

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just change the injector size, save, close, and reopen the calibration to see the changes. only changes i've seen is the duty cycle. fuel values shouldn't change. the ecu just computes how long the injector has to be open for the right amount of fuel to be injected as per the fuel map.
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As long as you have real-time update enabled, then any changes you make in the fuel trim section of parameters will be instantaneous, simply make the change and tab to another field.