problem altering high speed fuel table?

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problem altering high speed fuel table?

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i have a problem. when datalogging/tunning, i click on the high speed fuel table so i can tune my car and it wont let me see the high speed fuel table or hight speed ignition table. it flashes after i click on it and goes back to low speed on both the fuel and or ignition tables. the flash is almost like there is a glitch in the system. if i close smanager and reopen it, it will allow me to alter the high speed tablesfor a minute or so but then goes right back to the problem i mentioned in the beginning.
can you post the link for tunning fuel tables with a jrsc...the one that talks about holding the butterfly waste gate open for tunning the low tables...i cant find the forum. thanks 4 all thehelp!!!!
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Are you datalogging while trying to make these changes? If so you should stop datalogging to make the changes, or disable "tables follow vtec" and "tables follow cam angle" under options.