? about the stock B18c5 basemap

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? about the stock B18c5 basemap

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Wanted to know about the included basemap for the b18c5 if it was just a stock map, or a dyno tuned map for a stock ITR. And just as a ball park would that be a good starting map for an internally stock 2000 ITR with toda spec-A's and IHE mods. Just as a starting point for tuning. And if there are any others that might due as well. I do have an LM-1 for tuning on road and on the dyno. Just looking for something close so as not to start from scratch. THANKS :)
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It is a dyno tuned map. Timing is quite aggressive. If you have raised compression, do not forget to lower timing a couple degrees.

It is a good starting map for your setup.