Hondata = Best Product Ever

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Hondata = Best Product Ever

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You can delete this, but i just wanted to say that this is one of the best products ive ever used. In the car field ive mainly worked on mercedes, and bmw engine and transmission conversions, also installing alarms. I started with no tuning experience when i got this 4 days ago, and the program taught me how to tune. Everything works great with my LC-1 wideband.
I have a P75, and im getting a P72, so i used an IC socket in the 74HC373 spot, and that seems to work good as well.
If anyone has any questions please ask me, i would be happy to answer them. Everything i did seemed to work first try with no hassle at all.

Thanks for a great product
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Thank you for the positive feedback.
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Popeyes chicken is the best product ever. But hondata is pretty cool.
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picnic_george wrote:Popeyes chicken is the best product ever. But hondata is pretty cool. girlfriend just told me today that the best product ever was her new island in our kitchen!! LOL
Learning about S300 of course.