s300 troubleshooting

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s300 troubleshooting

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Troubleshooting common s300 problems. Please follow all these steps.

1. Download and install the latest version of SManager here.

2. Check that the ECU has J12 (US) or J4 (JDM) cut.

3. Does SManager show 'Online' on the bottom left of the window when the ignition is switched on? If not see USB troubleshooting in the SManager help file.

4. Create a new calibration from File->New, adjusted only for injector size.

5. Can SManager upload the calibration to the s300? If you can't upload a calibration, it is the ECU socketing.

6. Can SManager datalog from the ECU? If you can't datalog, then switch the on-board datalogging off, clear the stored datalogs and try again. If you still can not datalog then it is the ECU socketing.

If you get this far, then the s300 is working correctly. Any problems now are caused by the ECU, vehicle wiring, sensors, engine or calibration.

7. Start the engine. Can SManager datalog? If not, check that the plugs are resistor type and the thermostat ground is good.

8. Are there error codes? If so, find and fix the causes.

If the datalogging stops at a certain rpm the cause is electrical interference, usually originating from the ignition system. Check that the spark plugs are resistor type and that either the distributor cap has a resistor or plug leads are resistor type.

Note that the LEDS on the s300 don't tell us anything extra over what we can determine from the steps above.