Apex boost solenoid in place of GM solenoid

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Apex boost solenoid in place of GM solenoid

Post by Carchitect »

Will I be able to use the Apex boost solenoid instead of the Gm solenoid?

The solenoid is a better quality unit. It has wires and I can repin it to use OEM honda/sumitomo connectors. The housing is a metal unit and most guys have reviewed it to function very well.


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Post by Spunkster »

It should work
turbo R
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Post by turbo R »

i am using the aem solenoid. i'm sure the apex should work fine since the aem has been proven to work.
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Post by 92hb_hb »

just got back from the track using the gm boost solenoid and boost control

I have a 44mm WG w/ a 11 psi spring, gt35r, ramhorn mani and closed dump tube..
set the duty cycle fixed at 25 % and activation @ 10 psi.
Boost cut set @ 19 psi..
The solenoid input is tee'd off from the manifold line going to the WG lower port and then goes to the WG top port..

Long story short, it worked like crap and I couldn't get it to work well at all.. I was spiking and creeping like crazy and hitting boost cut in gear 2/3/4.. I made 4 passes and then decided to eliminate the solenoid and boost control completely and run off just the WG spring..

When i did that, my passes were much more consistant and was steady around 11/12 psi.. I went from running 14's-15's to 12's..

I"m considering going w/ an open dump tube to see if it helps w/ the boost creep and figuring out how to fix the boost control issues..
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Post by Silverbeast »

Try using the top of the WG and the other one from the back of the intake manifold. Set the activation point at -1.2psi and see if these settings lower the creeping. by nature the ramhorn will slightly creep depending on the amount of boost you are trying to run. I would suggest at lowering the duty cycle on the solenoid to 20% and seeing if it rasies and keeps the boost nice and solid. Go from there on calibrating it with your WG spring/setup.

just my .02