Question regarding launch control/boost control/etc inputs

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Question regarding launch control/boost control/etc inputs

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I have been trying a few different things with my s300 and have found the following issues:

-using the pinout for the power steering pressure does not work. While datalogging, even with no pin attached, the PSP says ON the entire time. It happens in my buddies s300 also so is this a software glitch?

-I tried using the brake switch input for launch control but that does not work either. Am I missing something?

I can only use the AC switch, and Service connector pinouts for my clutch switch and low/high boost control.

Can you guys update a newer version using any other inputs in the ECU (evap, etc??)


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Some input pins are inverted electrically. eg the PSP input needs to be grounded to activate. The ECU will read ON when it is not grounded, and off when it is, so you invert the input in the software.