launch control rpm running off full throttle shift rpm.

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launch control rpm running off full throttle shift rpm.

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Last friday i went to the track, it was my first time on slick and was just trying to find a good launch. My full throttle shift is set at 5.5k. At first i had my launch control at 4.5k and everything was working good. As the night went on i kept raising the launch rpm. Once i tried 6k as the launch control but when i tryied it it only went to 5.5k (my FTS rpm). I have both FTS and LC on the AC switch wired to the cruse control clutch switch, they are both inverted. Do i need to splice the wire and have one go to AC and the other go to service switch?

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i have a similar question. try disabling one and see if the other works at all RPMs you are interested in. Then, do the same with the other setting (just to make sure you don't have your inversions backwards). I can't see why you wouldn't be able to use two functions with the same input pin though.
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this may seem dumb,
be sure that your foot is 100% OFF the pedal, i had this happen to a driver, he was used to having his foot on the pedal.