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#3 = Autotune = Ctrl+T

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Hondata wrote:#3 = Autotune = Ctrl+T
What about #1 and #2, i understand your business principles of not commenting anything regarding future addons and or timelines.

But in this case we are talking of 2 point that have been asked there numbers of times. All Hondata users would be glad about this. I believe its the most important points that have to be added.

Is there any way you could implement this?

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Post by ryanelm »

What about a closed loop system for boost control?
No more setting duty cycles.

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Post by Tsuchinoko »

Is it possible for you Hondata to create a duration option in seconds to the post start fuel adjustment?

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Post by blackek4 »

i think this was already mencioned but here it goes.

an anti-theft funtion.
you could set a combination that you must do with your pedals to start the engine or something like that.

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Post by GTMcoupe »

Injector Test mode. Applicable to 1 or all 4 injectors

Megasquirt ECU system gives you this option where you can set the pulse width of the injector, and set an output interval, for example 1ms pulse every 1000ms. allows to test the injectors etc but I found another proposed use for it to help determine injector dead times. ... me-part-1/

from the site,
Now I have pressurized fuel being fed to my injector. Time to energize the injector with precise pulses to determine the opening time. I used a megasquirt ecu to control the fuel injector. The megasquirt firmware has an output test mode that allows me to define both pulse width and interval between pulses. I start off with a number higher than the opening time to make sure the injector is pulsing as it should. I started out with 10ms pulse width every 100ms. Each injector pulsed as it should. I kept the interval at 100ms but brought the pulse width down to 1ms. From there I adjusted the pulse width in .1ms increments until the injector stopped delivering fuel then increased the pulse width another .1ms. Since injector opening time is time until start of delivery, we’re looking for just a dribble of fuel coming out of the injector. Instead of waiting for an atomized stream of fuel, adjust pulse width until the fuel just begins to squirt out of the injector. This is the start of delivery and the pulse width required to start the delivery is the injector dead time. I tested all of the injectors at 13.8 volts then switched to a 8.66 volt power supply and did the test again.
seems a real world way to determine the dead times for a particular setup such as fuel pressure etc.

Any chance this could be implemeted?

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When will the next update be released? :)

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Post by Tsuchinoko »

Can you please put the ecu recording the ecu error's like bmw ecu's?
After we switch off the key the errors goes way we connect the computer and nothing is showed.
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Post by mrvf »

Im with Tsuchinoko :idea:

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Post by Luke »

I'd like to see a possibility for changing fueling (increasing/decreasing) due to an external signal.

Motivation: If you use E85, you'll need much more fuel in your chamber than with petrol. But if you fill your E85 up with petrol (because there is no E85 available), you to lean the mixture out (in comparison to E85), because you can get some mixture in your car between E0 and E85.
There are now some "flexfuel" sensors on the market, which can show what kind of "Exx" you have.
This signal used as an external signal and the possibility of changing fueling in comparison to this signal (some kind of fuel trim) would be great.


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Post by red_zone »

close loop operation based on tps,same crome pro,will be geat for street itbs use.

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Post by jetspeedz »

I'm not a apple guy at all in fact i don't own anything apple but if Smanager would run on the iPad i would buy one for the ease of having something portable and touchscreen.

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Post by VT-Doo »

VT-Doo wrote:To be able to enter the wheel/tyre size to alter the speedo reading as in the S200.
Thanks :)

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Post by b20luda »

It would be nice to have a boost cut option when using the inputs/outputs

I use a pressure switch that goes inline with my meth, when it activates it switchs to the secondary tables which are tuned past pump gas only limitations, itd be nice for it to simply cut boost completly instead of having it pull timing and fuel to prevent overboost incase of a methanol failure.... thoughts??

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Post by Luke »

as on one of the pages before mentioned:

I'd like to see to change my target lambda closer (not only 3 steps)

maybe also to change the "regeneration" time for the limiters, so that for the launch control the regeneration will start x rpm below the limited rpm and the same for the over-all limiter.

adding and removing speedlimiters would be good, too

other program use that already, so there should be a possibility to add that, isn't there??

would be great