new to tuning/beyond bolt-on modified engine - questions

Hondata installation questions / answers / issues.
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new to tuning/beyond bolt-on modified engine - questions

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hello, im pretty much at a loss, i am in over my head with what to do, what to buy, what to expect from the vehicle after tune, etc.

I bought this "small project" or so i thought it was. Integra back in the last week of June. specs are below. I am trying to get this integra in proper running order. Its turned into what i will call a money pit, and a headache, with having to repair wiring and finding out more parts that it needs every time i go out an work on it.


s200-5566/?p06-a02 ecu? - THIS IS NOT RUNNING THE CAR AT MOMENT

chassis - 90 acura Integra LS
engine - 92-93 Acura/honda B17a1

ECU: - pr4-a61 chipped socketed (supposedly tuned, i was a fool at time of purchase lol) found out after purchase its running on base MAP. car ran and idled fine.

-engine stuff:
what im told - 12.1:1 forged pistons - i can see massively high domes on the pistons, looking down through the sparkplug hole. i know big help, right.

what i know:

-Micro-polished and balanced crankshaft
-ACL race series main/rod bearings
-Cp piston rings
-Professional Products GSR whirlwind intake mainfold
-AEM - very large diameter short ram intake
-ITR throttle-body
-unknown mfg - 4-2-1 header with one o2 bung at top of pipe right before the collector

Manual - b16 or YS1 cable trans? Streetlite XACT flywheel/Exedy Stage-1 clutch

Parts acquired so far
- AEM- Black high flow fuel rail
- AEM - Black adjustable fuel pressure regulator
- what i think are 93-96 prelude Si 345cc P&H injectors
- EDGE 633cc/60 lb. siemens deka EV1 saturated fuel injectors
- deatchswerks 320 lph. fuel pump
- Denso 4 wire OEM O2 sensor - was not one installed upon purchase

dont ask why, just listen - i said in title newbie to beyond bolt-on modifications and having to have a car tuned that should let you come to your own answer with out me saying it

ok so i bought the above mentioned s200/ecu unit used from an individual who was running a track car on it. its tuned with E85 fuel maps? so he said i cannot run this ecu until i get it re-tuned.
yes i bought it without a serial part # label on casing but there was enough of the label left on the inside of the grey female board mounted input plugs to read an A02 and it was stamped with MAY 1995 and then researched the 3 digit number on top of the MCU = 301 so i think to my best ability its a P06-A02 with VTEC installed

i know its better to upgrade to the s300 - sorry i just do not have the 400 to throw at the ECU, at the moment. i want to upgrade for the added security settings or features alone, and i plan on upgrading just need to get it road worthy for the time being
i have been with out transportation since July.

Ok here are some questions im gonna ramble so bear with me.

this is/was intended to be my daily driver i live in missouri we get 3 seasons of weather all year long, upon doing some research i do not know what fuel i should run, E85 would be the best cost/effect value, as i do not want to have to daily drive a car on 110 octane lol. the other option or debate i should say is CAN/SHOULD I run this High CR engine on 92 octane pump gas?
if so what will i need to do, tell person tuning the vehicle etc.?

Was told i could ?dual tune? the hondata unit one for E85 map and another for 92. if i install a switch to go between tune maps (i hope im using term correctly) ??

The shop i contacted in town said they would have no issues tuning the s200 unit as i knew it was discontinued upon purchase and before calling tuner. i however forgot to mention it doesnt have a part # label is this going to be an issue or is that left up to the tuners own preference?

I have a couple other ECU's Both have part# labels

- p28-a51: broken or damaged casing, bought it from a craigs list package parts deal. physical inspection from shop said it looked like the board was intact and physically good - unknown running condition

- pr4-A61: this ECU was installed in the integra upon purchase and is chipped and socketed with base MAPwhat is running the car when i go out and start it up to just keep the battery charged up

would these work or should i source a p61, p72 etc?

will the h22a (93-96 prelude) injectors work with E85?
is it true that if i run E85 i should have 550cc injectors or bigger to satisfy the engines fuel needs and is it also true that if i run E85 i need to install the 320 lph fuel pump?
From what i have read the Deka EV1 injectors are compatible with hondata and they work really well with honda engines. I got the 633cc injectors from the individual who sold me the s200 said he ran them in his track car.

If all i need is the prelude injectors, im sending them off to deatchswerks for the dynamic service to be performed. upon them performing this service will they be able to tell me if they really are true h22a si injectors size i mean if they are the 345cc ones?

another question - once this car gets properly running, if its as high a static CR as im told. Would it be a good candidate for a Daily Driver? or not so much. i drive very spirited you could say, lots of shifting and heavy acceleration. i demand a lot from an engine you could say. so would the law enforcement officers in the city i live in, lol.

OK i will stop there. i think ive actually asked too many questions.
Sorry if the general structure of the tread is all over the place. but i dont know what to ask first or if i get answer how to use the answer to answer other questions, im a pretty quick learner, when i know what im supposed to listen to, but the setup on this car gets people yelling about this n that. etc

i just need some answers, so i can at least get started in the right direction to get the end result i want

thank you for bearing with me. any info/insight/experience/help is greatly appreciated
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Re: new to tuning/beyond bolt-on modified engine - questions

Post by jtkc »

i also do not have any of the communication cables ie serial cable and i guess another one?

and i own a Macbook Pro so i cant do anything with the unit.
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