S200 with CEL Problem

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S200 with CEL Problem

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so just a little background on the situation...
The S200 was tuned with the CEL on for CYP sensor and was running beautiful up until a few months ago. It would start up without the CEL on and ten seconds or so later it would come on for the CYP code(9) and run fine being as that was the way it was tuned. Never had any problem with limp mode or anything such.

Now when i start the car up it starts up right away with the CEL on for CYP(9). and runs like crap almost as if it is not loading the tune for some reason.

when i put the Stock EPROM in the P28 it will idle and rev up fine but does not have my tune for boost.

Any insight into this problem is greatly appreciated as i dont know what to start to do in order to eliminate possible problems. Below is a brief list of the build . Let me know if i have to clarify anything to help.

91 CRX
Hondata S200 On a P28
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Re: S200 with CEL Problem

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Is the light on the s200 solid or flashing?
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