GSR in a Si Hatch & why did my motor blowup?

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GSR in a Si Hatch & why did my motor blowup?

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I have put a gsr into a 92 hatchback si. I don't have any big problems yet. I have to run a knock wire and some other things. The question that I have is can I use a obd2 distributor with a obd1 ecu?

The other question that I have is what is the highest boost able to run with stock cylinders? Last week I cracked mine on 12 lbs. Je pistons and eagle rods not even scratched after 5000 miles. I didn't have a block guard but I didn't think that I would need one with only 12 lbs. I have RC 440s and a SAFC. The only thing I didn't have was the car on a dyno :cry:. I'm hoping, that was the reason why it died. I'm now rebuilding a new LS motor with a guard and a dyno run. Please let me knoow what you think :)


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Most likely it was caused by detonation or the timing is too much for your engine which caused extreme pressures in the cylinder.

Buy a Hondata and tune your car on the dyno or with a Wideband O2. You'd be surprised how much more power you will gain when the car is tuned properly. :D
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Exactly- it's all about tuning.

I have seen several people run more than 12 psi on totally stock internals. However, they spent a day or two at the dyno tuning, tuning, and tuning it.

On the other hand, i have seen piston/rod/guard'ed engines blow off 8 psi.
Detonation is bad, mmmk :)
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