installing chip in JDM p30

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installing chip in JDM p30

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Ok, so I'm soldering in the little bitty 373 chip for the jdm computer. In the documentation it says that pin #1 is to the lower right hand corner, with the wiring harness clips to your left. What is pin #1 on the chip? Cause I put the chip in with the writing facing the same way as the other chips on the board. If you took the ECU and turned it clockwise, you can read the chip. (TI with the part number)

I powered it up to see if it would work and it got HOT real fast. I know I have the chip soldered in good. But I would assume that the chip is in backwards.

Any help from anyone that has chipped a JDM ecu let me know thanks.
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i have a P08...
i a IDE cable to wire it the ecu as it was way to big to fit on the board. If it get hot then you know it backward.