buying used hondata S100

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buying used hondata S100

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previous owner got it tuned and setup to his specs. my question is, if i buy it, can my tuner re-do all the specs to my liking or am i stuck with the pevious owner's specs?

also, can someone explain to me exactly was datalogging is? i read it on her but i don't get it. i won't be tuning anything myself. will i be ok with just the hondata S100? thanks
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The only units that datalog today are the S200 units. If you were to purchase the S100 the dealer will need to use his/her datalog enabled S200 box to tune your car and then assemble your ecu with the S100. The S100 unit keeps your ecu self contained just like having someone make a custom program for your ecu.

Datalog option is for someone who would like to collect data from their hondata system on a computer (i.e. laptop) to make the necessary adjustments for tuning. This is really for someone who knows what they are doing, like a dealer.

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