S300 ITB - MAP+TPS (Street Set-up) - Detailed Guidance

Calibrations for S-Manager - Use all calibrations at your own risk (dyno tuning recommended)
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S300 ITB - MAP+TPS (Street Set-up) - Detailed Guidance

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ITB setup with I.A.C.V (Street Set-up). You will need a IACV adaptor plate. See


You can also get the IACV Adaptor Plate from

Keep the vacumm tube to the MAP as short as possible. other you will get a vacumm lag.

1) Primary table (MAP) : 0 rpm to 1,490 rpm
2) Secondary table (TPS) : 1,500rpm to 8500rpm

2a) Log MAP vs TPS vs Inj% at 1500 rpm for all load sites

MAP 0.3 = TPS 0.07 = 4%
MAP 0.5 = TPS 0.15 = 8%
MA0 1.0 = TPS 0.40 = 10%

Calibrate the load sites and inj% on the secondary table using this baseline.

3) Match the injector duty cycle (%) between the primary (MAP) and secondary tab (TPS) at each load in the 1,490 rpm band to the 1,500 rpm band. Copy and paste the 1490rpm row from the primary laod sites into the seconday from primary to secondary
4) Steert tune/dyno/data log and fine tune the transition from primary map to secondary map - e.g 3rd gear pull from 1,500 rpm, Fast-ilde and decelaration fuel cut.

I hope this can be updated in the Hondata Help as an explantion is sorely lacking in the documentation - Doug (some feedback for you - how about posting a youtube on this and link into your help file

If you load the ITB Hondata sample MAP you can see the injector duty cycle between the primary and seconday is approximately the same at the 2500 rpm (It uses 2,500 rpm cutover as oppossed to the 1,490 rpm I noted above - you can play around with this to see what gives the best result - of course if you are doing a track car just use a 100% TPS configuration).

Now you can enjoy ITB, cold start, air-con IACV adjustment with ITB, fast-ilde control