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oem internal b16 518whp! test motor lol........

Posted: Mon Dec 20, 2010 1:20 pm
by Revspeed
just want to share our r&d on a oem block b16


-cylinder head
-stock gsr ports
-supertech valve springs and retainers
-stock valves
-jg intake manifold
-stock throttle body

cylinder block
-stock oem block with gsr pistons(oem parts)
-garrett t67 t4
-tail wastegate 38mm
-tail bov
fuel management
-hondata s300
-walbro 255lph hp
-bosh 1000cc injectors
-snow performance stg2

at 377-400whp it seems to hold fun run off we go lol............
we don t have the video of test motor vs k20eg on MAN SAUCE that was a pretty good race...

testing motor against h22 allmotor car

testing motor against mustang that goes sideways unless its 60+mph lol...

another run out of the like nine runs.......

since it held through all the runs

we up the boost

here s 470whp dyno(we wanted 500whp but injectors max and meth injection is max lol)

480 with dual nozzle

after more runs we broke 500whp

i just want to say
this shit could ve never been done with out hondata

so thanks hondata!!!!!!!!!!!!!!